A craft beer festival will last in Transcarpathia for 4 days

On the long weekend of August - August 21-24 - in Mukachevo in Transcarpathia will be a traditional beer festival "Varysh beer", which will represent a variety of beers from 15 local Transcarpathian breweries. The Varysh Beer Festival will start on Friday, August 20, in Tsentralny Park, the Mukachevo City Council reports.

In addition to beer at the festival, the best chefs of Transcarpathia will offer a themed beer menu: chicken wings, lamb and pork ribs, potatoes on spurs (Transcarpathian baked potatoes - Ed.), Fried and smoked quail, sausages, knuckle, cucumber (sausage) pork ears, grilled vegetables, deep-fried vegetables, dumplings with sauces and side dishes, stewed cabbage (Szeged), fish and crayfish, etc.

Bands "Rokash", "Chalamada", "Antsya", "Marina and company" will perform during the beer festival in Mukachevo.

The festival is organized by the Mukachevo City Council, where it is said that the first brewery in Mukachevo was founded in 1701 by Prince Ferenc Rakoczi II.